How to rent a Dutch sailing boat?

Dutch sailing boat

A Dutch barge is a traditional flat-bottomed shoal-draught barge, originally used to carry cargo in the shallow Zuyder Zee and the waterways of Netherlands. Originally, Dutch barges were sailing craft with wooden hulls. Today, while few wooden examples remain, there are many steel barges that are 100 years old or more.

boot huren Loosdrecht Havendienst

During the 17th and 18th centuries, the Dutch set up a reputation for unparalleled mastery of ocean voyages. Barge journeys to the Caribbean or the United States were the only way to reach New Amsterdam for people who did not own ships, or for residents of the Indies

Sea water is the most common fuel in cargo ships. It is, therefore, the most common source of radioactivity. Sea water is being used to cool systems that are operated without the use of seawater at all. … A hazmat barge is a specialized type of ocean-going cargo barge designed to handle hazardous materials… A cargo barge is a flat-bottomed sailing vessel that is used for carrying cargo. Typically they have a steel or wooden hull, and are propelled by sails…

The first wreck of a sailing ship to be discovered was that of the 100-ton cargo ship Salinas, discovered on the English coast on 14 August 1879… The Salinas went down in a gale about 90 km east of Barrow-in-Furness in December 1878. It was laden with copper ingots, mail and diamonds. The ship was not reported lost until seven months later. …

The ship’s overall cargo consisted of ores such as iron ore and coal. Many types of cargo were stored in cargo holds; they were subdivided into “first class” and “second class” accommodation. When cargo hold accommodations and machinery spaces were in use, the upper decks were given over to passengers. is a non-profit sharing platform, registered under Chamber of Commerce 32079190. For general questions or rental support, please contact or +31 35 6565744.

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